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Waddingham and Brandy Wharf Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

There is a second consultation event on May 11th to allow people to read the plan, make comments and ask questions.   All comments received before the  event  will be presented there with our responses and further elaboration.

The consultation period for community input on the plan opened on April 1st. The consultation period lasts for 6 weeks as required by the legislation. The consultation period ends on May 19th.

This is a draft plan and will be subject to revision following the consultation period and events.

It is important that you understand the nature, purpose and limitations of the  plan,  how it was developed and what aspects you support or not.  It is not possible to put every last nuance of how the plan was developed in the document . The Neighbourhood Plan itself is the culmination of a process that is  severely  constrained by specific government legislation and regulation as well as more general planning information like the Central Lincolnshire Plan (CLLP) policies.

The Neighbourhood Plan Team has carefully followed the legislation and do not have any personal influence on the content.  When we submit the plan we will have to provide a raft of additional documentation that will provide of our processes.

Planning is not a science but relies on assessment of information against rules and policies set out in the legislation and the CLLP.  This is particularly true when dealing with site assessments. The Neighbourhood Plan Team does not select sites, these have to be submitted by landowners/resident owners.   Ultimately WLDC will provide comments and suggestions on our plan during their consultation phase (another six weeks)  but  the final decision on all aspects, assumptions, and statements in  the plan will reside with an external independent  examiner .

It is vitally important that you submit POSITIVE(the bits you support)  comments as well as NEGATIVE (the bits you don’t like)  comments. This will give us a much more balanced  view from the community.

If you are not sure just ask a question and we will try and answer them as soon as possible  ahead of the event.


Our consultation website  holds a view of the plan on a chapter by chapter basis with an opportunity to submit comments on the chapter and ask questions. There is a lot of background information on the downloads page if you want to dig deeper.

If you don’t have access to the internet you can submit your comments etc  on paper and drop them off at The Elms on the High Street or at the Shop.  Obviously in this case you will need a copy of the plan so you can request a copy from The Elms. Please note that the plan is 89 pages long and we have limited printing capacity so it may take a little while to do the request.  It would be helpful if you can share it with others who are in the same position and/or return it to The Elms so we can recycle it.  If you can reference your comments to a particular page/paragraph that will help us collate them more quickly.

Your comments can be anonymous  just don’t put your name on the sheets or the website