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Waddingham and Brandy Wharf Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

The draft consultation period ended on May 31st

A number of comments were submitted to the website (see lower left) There were also a number of comments and views submitted at both consultation events.

These comments will be reviewed and responses will be forthcoming in due course.

It has been clear however that there have been several misunderstandings of function, and purpose of Neighbourhood Plans and how they feed into the planning process. This has led to some concerns in the community that are unfounded. It was not possible to put every last nuance of how the Neighbourhood Plan was developed in the draft document .  To that end we will endeavour to create a more detailed information note in the near future.

The Neighbourhood Plan itself is the culmination of a process that is  severely  constrained by specific government legislation and regulation as well as more general planning information like the Central Lincolnshire Plan (CLLP) policies.

The Neighbourhood Plan Team has carefully followed the legislation and the project team do not have any personal influence on the content.  When we submit the plan we will have to provide a body of  additional evidence documentation.

Planning is not a science but relies on assessment of information against rules and policies set out in the legislation and the CLLP.  This is particularly true when dealing with site assessments. The Neighbourhood Plan Team does not select sites, these have to be submitted by landowners/resident owners.   Ultimately WLDC will provide comments and suggestions on our plan during their consultation phase (another six weeks)  but  the final decision on all aspects, assumptions, and statements in  the plan will reside with an external independent  examiner .