Central Lincolnshire Local Plan (CLLP)

This was published last year and forms the key basis on which planning decisions are made.


You can find it here  https://www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/central-lincolnshire/local-plan/

The one you want is the one titled Central Lincolnshire Local Plan, Adopted April 2017.

In the Appendices the key ones are Appendix B and the full list of policies

Relevant Policies are listed below shown highlighted in red.(click on the page number in the actual CLLP document to find them quickly)


If you submit comments to WLDC it helps if you can reference a relevant policy and preferably subsection. Do this even if you think your comment is a little tenuous in part (a lot of the applicants statements  tend to stretch the point anyway and are often selective!)

This will help reinforce your message and possibly challenge the planning officers own interpretation!

I will come back with more elaboration later.


CLLP Policies


Policy LP1: A Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development 7
Policy LP2: The Spatial Strategy and Settlement Hierarchy 8
Policy LP3: Level and Distribution of Growth 13
Policy LP4: Growth in Villages 18
Policy LP5: Delivering Prosperity and Jobs 22
Policy LP6: Retail and Town Centres in Central Lincolnshire 28
Policy LP7: A Sustainable Visitor Economy 30
Policy LP8: Lincolnshire Showground 31
Policy LP9: Health and Wellbeing 32
Policy LP10: Meeting Accommodation Needs 34
Policy LP11: Affordable Housing 36
Policy LP12: Infrastructure to Support Growth 38
Policy LP13: Accessibility and Transport 41
Policy LP14: Managing Water Resources and Flood Risk 45
Policy LP15: Community Facilities 47
Policy LP16: Development on Land Affected by Contamination 48
Policy LP17: Landscape, Townscape and Views 49
Policy LP18: Climate Change and Low Carbon Living 51
Policy LP19: Renewable Energy Proposals 52
Central Lincolnshire | Local Plan – Adopted April 2017
Policy LP20: Green Infrastructure Network 54
Policy LP21: Biodiversity and Geodiversity 55
Policy LP22: Green Wedges 57
Policy LP23: Local Green Space and other Important Open Space 58
Policy LP24: Creation of New Open Space, Sports and Recreation Facilities 59
Policy LP25: The Historic Environment 62
Policy LP26: Design and Amenity 65
Policy LP27: Main Town Centre Uses – Frontages and Advertisements 67
Policy LP28: Sustainable Urban Extensions 68
Policy LP29: Protecting Lincoln’s Setting and Character 73
Policy LP30: Lincoln Sustainable Urban Extensions 76
Policy LP31: Lincoln’s Economy 80
Policy LP32: Lincoln’s Universities and Colleges 80
Policy LP33: Lincoln’s City Centre Primary Shopping Area and Central Mixed Use Area 82
Policy LP34: Lincoln’s District and Local Shopping Centres 84
Policy LP35: Lincoln’s Regeneration and Opportunity Areas 85
Policy LP36: Access and Movement within the Lincoln Area 88
Policy LP37: Sub-division and multi-occupation of dwellings within Lincoln 89
Policy LP38: Protecting Gainsborough’s Setting and Character 92
Policy LP39: Gainsborough Sustainable Urban Extensions 93
Policy LP40: Gainsborough Riverside 96
Policy LP41: Regeneration of Gainsborough 97
Policy LP42: Gainsborough Town Centre and Primary Shopping Area 98
Policy LP43: Protecting Sleaford’s Setting and Character 100
Policy LP44: Sleaford Sustainable Urban Extensions 102
Policy LP45: Sleaford’s Regeneration and Opportunity Areas 105
Policy LP46: Sleaford Town Centre 107
Policy LP47: Access and Movement within Sleaford 108
Policy LP48: Sustainable Urban Extensions – Allocations 113
Policy LP49: Residential Allocations – Lincoln 114
Policy LP50: Residential Allocations – Main Towns 116
Policy LP51: Residential Allocations – Market Towns 117
Policy LP52: Residential Allocations – Large Villages 118
Policy LP53: Residential Allocations – Medium Villages 122
Policy LP54: Remaining Capacity on SUEs and Broad Locations for Future Growth 123
Policy LP55: Development in the Countryside 125
Policy LP56: Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation 127
Policy LP57: Ministry of Defence Establishments 128


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